Denver FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association

nonprofit organization, separate and apart from the FBI.”


Dear FBICAAA Members:

For those who missed the announcement at the Holiday Party, our very own Sue Smith is this year’s honored recipient of the FBI’s Director’s Community Leadership Award (DCLA)!  The Director’s Community Leadership Award was created in 1990 to honor the work of community leaders supporting the FBI’s mission. Honorees are nominated by leaders of the FBI’s 56 field offices, with one awardee from each state being honored for their efforts in combating crime, terrorism, drugs, and violence in America.

We are very proud of Sue, and whole-heartedly agree that she is deserving of recognition and the highest of accolades!  In addition to her significant contributions to the success of the FBICAAA, Sue is also a leader in the non-profit community and coordinates large-scale outreach and service projects that benefit citizens throughout the state. Since the inception of the Denver FBICAAA, Sue has served as a driving force behind our organization, resulting in numerous excellence awards and the inaugural Community Outreach and North Star Awards. As a chapter, we have all worked together to build a remarkable, award-winning organization, but we owe a debt of gratitude to Sue for helping us get there! 

Director Wray will present the award to Sue at FBI Headquarters in May, but SAC Phillips would like to honor Sue at the FBI-Denver Field Office on January 23rd at 2:30PM. There will be a DCLA reception and refreshments at the FBI-Denver Field Office, located at 8000 E. 36th Avenue, Denver 80238, and we would encourage as many members as possible to attend to show support for one of our own! If you are able to join us, please RSVP via response to the email by Monday, January 20th, including the following security-required information:

The mission of the FBI Denver Citizens Academy Alumni Association

is to educate communities served by the FBI Denver Field Office 
about law enforcement in alignment with the mission, resources, and priorities of the FBI. 

"The FBI Denver Citizens Academy Alumni Association is a nonprofit organization, separate and apart from the FBI.